The little girl living with intrauterine infection, her nervous system symptoms improved a great deal with C-peptide

Zselyke’s daughter was infected with intrauterine Lyme- disease. The fact of various infections was discovered only later, the mother and the daughter was diagnosed after the pregnancy.
The little girl’s lymphatic circulation was not satisfactory, her joints were clicking, she later developed immune problems too. She barely attended kindergarten, she was constantly sick since certain cells that fight viruses and bacteria were bearly present in her body.
The little girl was 5 years old when they started to use C-peptide. They noticed the relief of sympomts after a few days of use. Her communication is a lot smoother, more articulate, her night terrors are almost all gone. Based on the analysis of our development instructors, her nervous system has fallen into a normal category.
Zselyke has also started to use C-peptide. She told us about her good experiences too.

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